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Reception Area

  Large (> 275 Sq. Ft.)
  Small (< 200 Sq. Ft.)


  Executive (< 350 Sq. Ft.)
  Large (275 Sq. Ft.)
  Medium (200 Sq. Ft.)
  Small (< 175 Sq. Ft.)


  Small (< 50 Sq. Ft.)
  Medium (75 Sq. Ft.)
  Large (> 100 Sq. Ft.)

Conference Rooms

  Small (< 300 Sq. Ft.)
  Medium (400 Sq. Ft.)
  Large (> 600 Sq. Ft.)


  Large (< 400 Sq. Ft.)
  Small (> 200 Sq. Ft.)
Dallas Tenant Representation

Dallas Tenant Representation Common Industry Terms

Absolute Net — A lease requiring the tenant to pay the base rent costs plus all costs related to operation, repair, and the maintenance of the building, including all real estate taxes, utilities, and repairing and maintaining the roof and structure of the building. Also called a triple-net lease, it requires a net rent amount to be given to the landlord.

Base Building — The primary structure of a building before tenants make any improvements. This usually includes the main structure, the building’s roof and façade in whole or part; lobbies, elevators, hallways and public stairs; and electrical, heating, air conditioning, telephones, water, sewer and gas.

Base Rent — The minimum amount of rent due under a lease agreement. Sometimes it may require the tenant to pay an additional amount of rent based on a sales participation requirement or percentage. Retail stores in shopping malls often have this kind of lease.

Build-to-suit — An arrangement or formal mutual agreement in which a landowner offers to pay to build a building specifically for a potential tenant’s needs, and then lease or sell the land and building back to the tenant. It could also mean an arrangement where the tenant buys land and develops property to own.

Commercial property — Property that is used for business purposes; includes office buildings, industrial properties, medical centers, shopping centers, hotels, retail spaces, and warehouses. Zoned for business purposes, not as a dwelling.

Effective Rent — Actual rental amount to be paid to the landlord after subtracting any free rent and concessions over the entire lease term.

Escalation — A clause in a lease that provides for an increased rent amount in the future. Landlords build in rent escalation provisions by using a fixed increase clause that calls for a definite rental increase periodically; a cost of living clause that ties the rental amount to the government cost of living index; or a direct expense, where rent is adjusted to cover any increase in expenses of property paid by the owner/lessor, like tax increases and increased maintenance costs.

Estoppel Certificate — A document that certifies that the borrower/mortgagor has a mortgage debt or lien in a specific amount stated. This document prevents the debtor from claiming a different balance than the amount stated is due. In a lease, an estoppel certificate states that the rent has not been prepaid, the tenant agrees the lease is in effect and states if there are any outstanding obligations of either party.

Exclusive Listing — A real estate listing that has been given to one agent exclusively; that real estate agent or broker has the right to sell the property for a certain amount of time. The owner cannot hire another agent/broker to sell the property until the allotted time has passed.

Expansion Option — A right granted to the tenant by the landlord that allows the tenant the option to add more space to the location as per the terms of the option.

Tenant and Buyer Representation - The tenant representative identifies the criteria and goals of the tenant or buyer. Then locates and negotiates the transaction to competitive market terms and conditions.

Dallas Tenant Representation

Buyer / Tenant Representation in DFW

Dallas tenant representation is a key service we offer at Cooper Commercial, Inc. We can represent you as your exclusive commercial real estate agent in the negotiation of commercial, industrial, retail, office, and warehouse space. We have nearly 30 years of experience in Dallas tenant representation. Through this experience, we have helped many business owners complete their vision and dream, creating the best possible location for their business at the best price.

We can help you buy or lease office, industrial, warehouse or retail space in the Dallas area. We will establish your priorities, assess your lease or purchase options, or find a client to sublease your existing space. Additionally, through our tenant representation service, Cooper Commercial, Inc. will offer our expertise on the market, including local market conditions and how they will effect your lease. When it comes to commercial leasing, there are often many micro economic factors that effect the terms you may receive. Through years of providing Dallas tenant representation services, we have gained knowledge about the Dallas area that gives us a better advantage than any other firm. We can walk you through the maze of options to receive the best terms possible.

If you need to build office, retail, or industrial space, Cooper Commercial will create and organize a build-to-suit team specifically for you. We can also help you lease, sell, or market your property by listing your property for sale or lease, working with you to develop marketing strategies, as well as help you sell any surplus property you may have.

If you are leasing a property and are in need of a change of venue, we can assist you in locating a space that is larger or smaller, with our Dallas tenant representation services. If your business is growing, and you want your space to be able to expand along with it, Cooper Commercial is the best choice to help you locate a build-to-suit location.

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